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Playing Siege until we get salty and swap to Minecraft. Story of my life. Come through: https://t.co/Ie9BzhqPo3https://t.co/qaP8AyZHYZ
26th May, 2019
I'm not that #competitive, but I LOVE playing #ranked matches on #Starcraft. Gives me an amazing feeling.
26th May, 2019 #ranked
I had a fun experience last night with this guy! Gamertag: Ganyra-Loml. He left at 4 to 4 & he had a KD of 4 & 6. I… https://t.co/3kG4kqVcp9
26th May, 2019
I DON‘T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ABOUT THE NEW RANKED CHARMS 🤔 I loved the old style but it’s also great the see somethin… https://t.co/qWtH8CKbly
26th May, 2019