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Stream on in 30 mins! <3 TODAY'S TOPIC: DIAMOND PROMOS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Come and wish me good luck y'all :3.… https://t.co/o3hyZTaVZj
12th October, 2018
STREAM STARTING AT 12PM DONT MISS OUT!!! 58 days sober and counting!!! come support me while i own my lane!!… https://t.co/CMzYCSlc8z
12th October, 2018
One week away from #Phish’s return to the Coliseum, so it’s time for Hampton #Ranked Tier 1: 11/21-22/97 Tier 2: 1… https://t.co/z342hRRK5c
12th October, 2018 #Ranked
Good day, Commander! It is time for the weekend live-event! 🍻 We aim to raise the morale of our courageous soldiers… https://t.co/4jEQyYP9Sa
12th October, 2018