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Welp Looks like I'm gonna reinstall Black Ops 4 and Try Ranked Play or whatever to see if it's good or @NukeemKinghttps://t.co/Fi2PD4JcPa
22nd February, 2019
❣❣❣❣❣❣🤗🤗🤗🤗❣❣❣LIVE WITH Some #BlackOps4 #ranked #leagueplay !! Come chill or join if u good :))) Hang Lurk Tab Ret… https://t.co/B0mBIqlx1T
22nd February, 2019 #ranked
I'm live with some Rocket League! New ranked season. Staying live until I reach Platinum, so let's see how long it… https://t.co/O7gxWEPfmB
22nd February, 2019
It's so nice to play ranked in bronze. You pass all games trying to not lose with teammates who goes 1v5 all time a… https://t.co/bjnsDrAo22
22nd February, 2019
I will be #streaming #ranked on #rainbow6siege for anyone who is interested come stop by the #stream and watch, hav… https://t.co/NZkujlS5en
21st February, 2019 #ranked