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Today was a good day in Dragonball FighterZ!! Dropping finishers in a few!! #dragonballfighterz #Xbox #xboxlivehttps://t.co/zbBKJX8WzL
20th October, 2019 #Xbox
Hey guys I'm live. Come by for some friendly game play and good music https://t.co/dJSNbn6qM8. Play with viewers… https://t.co/TYh82gRQRX
20th October, 2019
I'm not the best with bandit but I like using him 😀👌 What do you think 🤔 🤟 #r6s #rainbowsixsiege #lifestylehttps://t.co/hRkj49qn94
20th October, 2019
anyone wanna help me to Gold? im literally a Silver 1 and have tried over 50 games and i keep getting asshats for t… https://t.co/c8KQF9rAiM
20th October, 2019