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This is not a recruiting tool. This is your athletic future! Take control, it's #free, unlimited #highlights, sha… https://t.co/f1jcJzUC6A
13th January, 2018 #highlights
Does anybody have them games on ranked when you drop 40+ kills and carry and your teammates don’t get 20 all togeth… https://t.co/QXTb7upppB
13th January, 2018
Sick af, keeping hydrated, and streaming tonight! I refuse to let this cold keep me from enjoying Friday night! ✋hi… https://t.co/r69oWJkPgQ
12th January, 2018
El Paso Live is proud to announce that The Plaza Theatre (#81) & Abraham Chavez Theatre (#171) were ranked in the t… https://t.co/xo8P58neoR
12th January, 2018
This is why #ranked is broken in #CODWWII 4 man glitch and the two unranked leave first game @MichaelCondreyhttps://t.co/VNhrzyzRI8
12th January, 2018 #ranked