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These poor girls were all ready to perform, then told last minute they were not going on. #raptor #raptorshttps://t.co/BKqI9OhdUk
20th January, 2019 #raptor, #raptors
Have you played #Raptor ? Does it seem the Scientists win more than the Raptors 🤔? https://t.co/aAbBNMYU70
20th January, 2019 #Raptor
And sometimes you do get a second chance to make a first impression. From a distance, a beautiful large hawk. Close… https://t.co/XBkskmrvZj
20th January, 2019
Majestic Eagle surveying his domain while he dries off from last night’s storm (Quadra Island in the background)… https://t.co/xBSqz8lR0a
20th January, 2019