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@ICSR_Centre @charliewinter Most Dutch ISIS women (40% of all Dutch FF) are known to be wearing suicide vests It's… https://t.co/XTYVfjEjsA
17th August, 2017
#SYRIA: Islamic State Claims 2 Suicide Bombings Killing & Wounding Dozens Of SDF In #Raqqa https://t.co/kpwLzT1x7L
17th August, 2017 #SYRIA, #Raqqa
There are civilians who are fleeing the fighting in Raqqa and those who have decided to stay despite the danger AFP… https://t.co/dqoi4G0FQx
17th August, 2017
oooh man, Kyle looks like total douchebag, no wonder he hates everything good in life. Ask yourself why he hasn't b… https://t.co/kiNCFMCcwu
17th August, 2017