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Hey @riversimple this could be a great background chart - against which to plot and highlight just how very… https://t.co/Nk4GTBSE5D
18th July, 2018
Had my last counselling session today at Rasa. It feels so weird and bitter-sweet saying goodbye to someone that ha… https://t.co/MG9FFOAFwy
18th July, 2018
And it uses super capacitors - which reduces the required engine size significantly. Total system design.....#rasa https://t.co/to7BgfDpqs
16th July, 2018 #rasa
Officially filling up our quota of Singapore food in nyc. Beef rendang, lamb curry, and nasi lemak @Rasa. And with… https://t.co/aRtnkaB50I
16th July, 2018
This news is very good, how do you make these false news a true and good news? All this has been revealed only to… https://t.co/5sgKhWhmI6
13th July, 2018
#Desh #Bhagat #University Pro Chancellor Dr. Tajinder Kaur on the International Yoga Day said that ‘Yoga is the art… https://t.co/W9i76IpCej
11th July, 2018