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Spread a little love with a diamond (or two) this Christmas from Martin & Co. #razzledazzle #cheltenham #wdyt https://t.co/MNDCmTJ0vc
13th December, 2017 #razzledazzle
I've Been Telling Yall About Em Now Yall Gone See 👀 He's A GOV Now #RazzleDazzle #GovNation https://t.co/1RMaKoKEI1
13th December, 2017 #RazzleDazzle
I couldn’t decide if I should put a star or angel on my tree this year, so I just went with both and put this photo… https://t.co/NIX2nPbZc9
13th December, 2017
Year 1 Nativity songs will be playing over and over in my head for the rest of my life #razzledazzle
13th December, 2017 #razzledazzle
"How can they see with sequins in their eyes" -The Media. #RazzleDazzle
12th December, 2017 #RazzleDazzle