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Last day of the shotgun course and one of the officers got a little too familiar with the scope on the weapon! Don’…
23rd March, 2018
The recoil is so bad that my daughter can shoot it. #Recoil
22nd March, 2018 #Recoil
My bonus dad used to take me to the shooting range when i was a little girl. Definitely made me not fear guns. He s…
22nd March, 2018
From @bush_wallah: The banana clipazine. (Topped off with the Hammerhead brake!). What’s your Hammerhead on?…
21st March, 2018
The Hammerhead & the Stinger are both popular muzzle devices. That’s because they are high quality, effective, and…
20th March, 2018
#Climbkhana, #Recoil, and more. Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet?
20th March, 2018 #Recoil