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How it feels to be #reinhardt when you’re about to get that final blow swing on the annoying #genji (#overwatch)
20th October, 2017 #reinhardt
Join us as Reinhardt! We are a literate RP group located in Discord. If you are interested send us a dm! #overwatch
20th October, 2017
.@PlayOverwatch #Reinhardt needs a "Choo Choo!" voice line. How is this not in the game already?!
20th October, 2017 #Reinhardt
My PATREON【】, Or you can enter and have a look, there's a discount this month #PATREON
19th October, 2017
Hit this dope #Reinhardt pin last week on a Pharah. Figured it was worth sharing!
19th October, 2017 #Reinhardt