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@_spell @AtriumFw I'm sure I could work more fishing terms into this convo but I'm going to stop before it becomes unreasonable #restraint
25th March, 2017 #restraint
My superpower is seeing people on the Internet be utterly wrong about things but letting it go. #Restraint
25th March, 2017 #Restraint
@drgarybates Not a diseased plant in these photos from Radnor Lake Natural Area in Nashville! Not that there weren'…
24th March, 2017
@KeeganNYC @POTUS In Andrew Jackson's defense, he did put a cap on the maximum lashes he would pay for. #restraint
24th March, 2017 #restraint
Didn't accept Build a LibGuide sticker from @springshare cuz we are trying to better curate guides. #restraint #acrl2017
23rd March, 2017 #restraint