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@davidpakmanshow Scott Adams was definitely a bummer. It shows that intellect has nothing to do with one's grasp o…
22nd December, 2017
.@citylinkai Nice to connect! People do the darndest things! "Admit It, You're Crazy! Quirks, Idiosyncrasies & Irra…
21st December, 2017
@SenJeffMerkley Good of you to go no record opposing people keeping more of their own hard earned money. #Revealing
20th December, 2017 #Revealing
2 Russell Simmons accusers speak out to Megyn Kelly: ‘You feel cheapened’ https: via…
20th December, 2017
BACK IN STOCK! Unisex Sheer Thong Panties with Shiny Faux Leather Triangle - Men - Women #UNISEX #THONGS #REVEALING
19th December, 2017 #REVEALING