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What I learned today: I am the only chill one in my family. You have no idea how scary that is. #NoChill #Revelations
3rd January, 2017 #Revelations
@Brendakav1 @realDonaldTrump Where are all the crazy religious conservatives with this photo too??? like, if this was Michelle, #Revelations
3rd January, 2017 #Revelations
@hanktastic1776 @BreitbartNews #Revelations 6. "How long before You step in and avenge our murders? Then each martyr was given a white robe"
2nd January, 2017 #Revelations
Jesus had 12 disciples. 12,000 years later, they rose up too. #novel #revelations
2nd January, 2017 #revelations
I'm feeling a snipers only boss fight REVELATIONS EASTER EGG tonight boys and girls 😂😂 wish me luck…
2nd January, 2017