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When you realize what’s been missing in your life is live music. #revived #happiness
14th January, 2018 #revived
Andddd I’m back! 😌😌😌 I praise You God for this amazing week. Ibang klase talaga ang presensya mo! #Revived
14th January, 2018 #Revived
If you get dunked on like Jackson and Schilling just did to these #nameless clowns, you should have to go sit on the bench and be #revived
13th January, 2018 #revived
Motivation to live was at an all time low but then I remembered the new @ToKillAKing album has just released #revived 🙏🏽
12th January, 2018 #revived
Happy Fri-YAY! We've got a bag with your name on it... start your weekend off right by getting #revIVed at…
12th January, 2018 #revIVed
WHOLENESS IS A KEY TO LIFE! Be mindful this year to cultivate every area of your life that has been dormant. Take…
12th January, 2018