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@RawStory #Rex was only put in place, to be in the PutIn meeting..once he leaves, #Congress can question him so…
24th July, 2017 #Rex
We are pleased to announce that the #REX contribution period will kick off on Monday, July 31st at 4:00pm UTC :
24th July, 2017 #REX
- ignore #Rex as best I can (for his sake and what little sanity I have) while I wait for @HerHeathen to return.|
24th July, 2017 #Rex
- to #Rex when he speaks. "You shouldn't be in here. Not when @HerHeathen isn't here with you. You need to leave before Boss comes back." -
24th July, 2017 #Rex
Had a great time this weekend for the @stateofdigitalmoney making new connections #RealEstateRevolution
24th July, 2017
Realizing the separation between us allows me to understand life in another way;I never thought was possible.inner peace! Satisfaction! #Rex
24th July, 2017 #Rex