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@Dax_x98 I've been into politics since 1968, before my 10th birthday. Had #RFK not been assassinated, he would hav… https://t.co/1Aog3Bo4n5
23rd May, 2019
On This Date In 1961: J. Edgar Hoover sends RFK a memorandum informing him of the fact that the CIA has enlisted me… https://t.co/urnXwYcWal
22nd May, 2019
I’ve Heard Enough ... #CoverUp Prepare To Be Miserable... Good Luck to You WORTHLESS Courts @congressdotgov @Scotushttps://t.co/cduYFEYljl
22nd May, 2019
While we talk a lot about how people do the work they do on #RFK, we don't often talk about the challenge of financ… https://t.co/WOOoOByYgg
21st May, 2019
Please give us a call if you are interested in being a sponsor. Number in bio. RFK Outreach...Outreach through expo… https://t.co/B8HhMiwKkR
21st May, 2019
And from several local #comics creators you’ve heard on #RFK, you’ll hear why one of the biggest challenges to maki… https://t.co/bk0w9qwPsI
21st May, 2019 #comics