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@maddow And @onetoughnerd is STILL a free man. #BlueTsunami2018 🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊is coming for #RickSnyder and the rest of his @MIGOP psychopaths...
9th March, 2018 #RickSnyder
#ricksnyder I’m curious to know, why is the water not clean in Flint Michigan https://t.co/MfS7Imx8EX
8th March, 2018 #ricksnyder
The brainless in California keep voting for the same idiot liberal Democrats. They get what they deserve. I don't f… https://t.co/zOMFyigEGD
7th March, 2018
🎬MOVIE HISTORY: 20 years ago today, March 6, 1998, the movie 'U.S. Marshals' opened in theaters! #TommyLeeJones… https://t.co/bZdtNpJ3Qm
7th March, 2018
Many of us are stuck in our mental loops and narratives and oblivious to all of the data around us and inside of us… https://t.co/vwZMxTYDTy
3rd March, 2018
@media519 - Gunman ID’d, on loose after killing 2 in Michigan college dorm shooting https://t.co/Ad8a7rDG84 #ricksnyder
3rd March, 2018 #ricksnyder
How often is the wisdom of our body speaking to us throughout the day, and we are not listening to these signals an… https://t.co/2orYmKKLRK
2nd March, 2018