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@BiceBiceboyz @realDonaldTrump Never voted for Obama my friend. Not once (nor a Republican). Flint is horrible we.… https://t.co/vuuyEAdg5z
21st January, 2018
While Flint drinks poison, Nestlé is pumping 200 gallons of fresh water out of Michigan every minute. MI is selling… https://t.co/HnOW7iAQ02
20th January, 2018
@DaleZornSenate always holds a great event! It was an honor meeting and speaking with @onetoughnerd as well!… https://t.co/5xxpeguYka
20th January, 2018
@MLive #RickSnyder gets off free in the mean time and does not go to #Jail and lets the state tax payers pay for it… https://t.co/zIpzdHpcxf
17th January, 2018 #RickSnyder
@viewsfordays @kylegriffin1 .@onetoughnerd could have opposed this, but where is he? Hiding? I'm quite sure or havi… https://t.co/RVWuEUjDJZ
16th January, 2018
@kylegriffin1 Where is @onetoughnerd standing up for our immigrant communities helping Michigan thrive? Oh yeah, I… https://t.co/1Qnkcnusd8
16th January, 2018