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@My_corner_table @Cwedding1 @PatriciaKAdams @Irishman727 Bet He Smells Worse Than That Water! Not Even A Million Ga… https://t.co/KoYotcjRVU
9th April, 2018
Remember Michigan in the Republican controlled 2017 Congress b4 Chaffetz resigned, he quietly set Gov #RickSnyder f… https://t.co/TKPIvIOnyc
8th April, 2018 #RickSnyder
Whistleblower Dr. Mona Hannah-Attisha says state should continue bottled water and filters to #FlintKids until all… https://t.co/AbMx2RfEgl
8th April, 2018
If its so safe, I expect that you and your family drink it as well, Sir. By Sir, I mean uncompassionate lying assho… https://t.co/qALwRFQoUG
8th April, 2018
Governor #ricksnyder insures everyone that the water crisis in #flintmichigan is over and making… https://t.co/0Qroawj15T
8th April, 2018 #ricksnyder