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Lots of new and vintage #Rickenbacker guitars come through our doors, like this rare burgundy 450v63, which was pro… https://t.co/X7bVCoBeAQ
7th May, 2018
Much thanks #Whit for letting us get your #bass back into action! 👍🎶🔥💯 #Repost @whitpetrell ・・・ FINALLY got my… https://t.co/KV70x7u08V
7th May, 2018 #bass
A bit of "Here comes the sun" Al fresco on a 12 string... What's not to like (apart from my knees) #Rickenbackerhttps://t.co/5v27js6uBu
6th May, 2018
Meezie gives no fucks, but the Rick 4003 -> Darkglass combo grindddssss. Love it. #Rickenbacker #DarkGlass https://t.co/PcIVtpMB8T
5th May, 2018
@futuremanrecs should ask me to do a jangly cover for an upcoming jangly compilation and the I would be forced to… https://t.co/mzf4sWL59w
5th May, 2018