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“All the world is birthday cake So take a piece but not too much” [It's All Too Much] 1969 #TheBeatleshttps://t.co/0WfvqJuUiK
25th February, 2018
@tcfolkpunk Thanks Tim ! I’ll check out your other tunes posted. #Rickenbacker
25th February, 2018
Excellent rehearsal today with Aeth Warner and Steve Moore. Check out the video of my song Waste of Time - I wrote… https://t.co/LsZrorCDVz
25th February, 2018
An impressive #bass with signature #Rickenbacker #style, this 4003 has a maple neck through body with maple body wi… https://t.co/3KkZriQ7j8
24th February, 2018 #bass
Don't play a fucking #Rickenbacker w/ a pick you twit go get an #Ibanez or something
24th February, 2018
#TheEmptyHearts always have fun trying to decide which guitar to use! Especially at @OfficialFabGear. Here's… https://t.co/UihMEeMGrD
22nd February, 2018