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According to my Garmin #GPS the top of the #Rickenbacker bridge is almost 90 feet above sea… https://t.co/Ulp0aVRUlm
25th June, 2017 #GPS
What takes other global gateways days to accomplish takes #Rickenbacker only hours. #cargo #airfreight https://t.co/XUpQ0LVaxK
25th June, 2017
Soundcheck is done!!! Tonight, Headrow House on stage 8:20pm 😁🦋 #northcustomdrums #rickenbackerhttps://t.co/NIweoEmdjW
24th June, 2017
@lematroafdl @antonnewcombe @yellow_vincent If looking for a #Rickenbacker 12 string with wider neck, try the 660-12 or the 1993+ models.
24th June, 2017
Messing around with distortion and realizing it is like over hopping a beer. It covers up a lot of missed notes. #thebackroom #rickenbacker
24th June, 2017
@AndyMcCrimmon @chernychai Try a #Rickenbacker 650 model for wider neck and taller frets. The Ric 660 and 1993+ models also have wider neck
24th June, 2017