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Five prominent companies that you can take in to account for developing your own taxi booking #app like #Uber.… https://t.co/a6ym1MLFMa
19th April, 2018 #app, #Uber
Introducing Kango, the new Uber for kids in LA! The Kango App helps parents schedule rides to get their kids to al… https://t.co/V6qN8pPBgn
19th April, 2018
@lyft I wish you had restrictions on your drivers confirming pickup. The driver said I got picked up 1/2 mile from… https://t.co/emykTJemFw
19th April, 2018
A new ride has been offered by Ruby from Torquay, UK to York, UK on Sat, Apr 28 2018 at 05:15 BST #unilift #uonhttps://t.co/JpMxDPCpnf
19th April, 2018
Our drive is to support our drivers ! Pay only $5 per day. Come join the Rideshare Muvement ! #TaxiCompany #MuveApphttps://t.co/qExoaAEpxp
19th April, 2018 #TaxiCompany
@NileshShah68 @sohilgupta Step in the right direction. But complex problems require multi-dimensional @gomassive1 s… https://t.co/f4m4Q1yfED
19th April, 2018