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Our @janafavero and @Joeloraptor featured for their #RightTrack on changing attitudes to #refugees in Regional Vic https://t.co/y1uggV9smf
26th June, 2017
All those in Adelaide and Hobart wanting to get on the #RightTrack & change the conversation on #refugees, head to… https://t.co/yU9Ap0pb9c
26th June, 2017
I support all trains, except for the inferior German Stadtschnellbahn. Trains made in America are on the #RightTrack.
26th June, 2017
Thank you regional Victoria! From Halls Gap to Warrnambool (and beyond) embracing the tools to advocate for asylum… https://t.co/lzCEuWVBgR
25th June, 2017
Incredible compassion from Stawell, Dunkeld, Pomonal, Halls Gap, Lansborough and Hamilton getting on the #righttrack https://t.co/1S2GoZ5RxH
24th June, 2017 #righttrack