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@DonnaLynnDonlon @Pataltschul I’m only 33 w/ a 13 year old. I love @Pataltschul’s advice on having ur own friends a… https://t.co/4KyUNBaPUZ
25th May, 2018
Spent $700 on a play set, could have saved a lot of money with $250 on a pile of dirt. #simplethings #righttrack https://t.co/a39u7k8DkD
25th May, 2018 #righttrack
@onepointofvu You liberals make me laugh, when your politicians ARE NOT in power! #MAGA I THANK GOD EVERY DAY that… https://t.co/UO8M1bqbqD
18th May, 2018
A big shout out to @nishukumar22 for playing couple of @bengalurufc 'B' @ILeagueOfficial 2nd division games in Jams… https://t.co/nX9SEoqfKg
17th May, 2018
@JannaWilkinso69 In this one instance! Have to go lefty. God forgive me 😊 Please Miss Janna! Make em match the patt… https://t.co/KZdsBXA8Qt
17th May, 2018
are we on #righttrack ?;the Ministry issued a circular that army will act in sleep condition in the month of holy… https://t.co/pAK1bEWAyn
16th May, 2018 #righttrack
You can actually #watchyourmoneygrow with this #GIC Give us a call...we can help you get on the #righttrack to bui… https://t.co/kMeh3nbMvo
16th May, 2018 #righttrack