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The #Rimac Concept Two is a Preview of What Supercars Will be Like in The Future - https://t.co/ldM0RBkLbB #SuperCar https://t.co/3XoVqDb8EY
19th March, 2018 #Rimac
Peep @RimaC13 (Karima Christmas -Kelly right behind duke's bench. Great support from the duke wbb alumni. #RimaChttps://t.co/E3ZmB4QIlj
17th March, 2018 #RimaC
#GenevaInternationalMotorShow @GimsSwiss runs until March 18th and here is a preview of what's been going on at… https://t.co/WqRgAlov2z
17th March, 2018
Rimac is often stated as a serious contender for Tesla, but IMHO only in the supercar-segment and with a difference… https://t.co/GtUS0J6RCR
16th March, 2018
The NEW worlds fastest car, the Rimac C Two! With 1,914 Horsepower, and 2300Nm of torque the 'C Two' is able to pro… https://t.co/f7wOh5ruZ8
16th March, 2018