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I am so thankful for my adult students, putting themselves out there, learning new skills and loving music! !! Dayt… https://t.co/laeriOhNMx
22nd February, 2018
Another great weeknight @TheLudoquist ; another pair of back-to-back games of the excellent #RisingSun by… https://t.co/MCNhsn4gLH
22nd February, 2018 #RisingSun
Peace breaks out: Played first season of #RisingSun with bushi and monsters gathering for an apocalyptic fight in K… https://t.co/N7xWZv2oeu
21st February, 2018 #RisingSun
@CMONGames I do, very much indeed. My only small criticism - the rulebook needed a spellchecker and a couple more p… https://t.co/C62W7QDkau
21st February, 2018
There are 8 monsters in the core game box, each with their own unique abilities. They can be summoned during points… https://t.co/1vxkSoOm6r
21st February, 2018