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Perhaps this (https://t.co/cFmuAjBOm7) is the real reason why the PBoC hasn't leant explicitly against #RMB strength in recent weeks.
20th September, 2020 #RMB
The successful transition to a free-floating exchange rate regime for #RMB requires sound monetary and fiscal disci… https://t.co/7hyjGgOVja
19th September, 2020 #RMB
Want to know more about @MrMollywhopp & @SugarBrownKAYO give a listen to our interview! Then watch them this Tuesda… https://t.co/9sWtcAZAtd
19th September, 2020
Industry roundup: 18 September: News in brief, including a new partnership for TreasuryXpress, and much more.… https://t.co/sdfNaBf5Wm
18th September, 2020
The People's Bank of China is pressing ahead with the construction of a cross-border #RMB trade financing asset tra… https://t.co/TD6PVW5UNM
17th September, 2020 #RMB