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@Morphiusfilm @traceybirdsall1 All thanks to the both of you! :-) Really loving starting to see the hype for the pi…
26th April, 2017
Happy to have been among the 1st to cover #RogueWarrior a year or so ago. Can't wait to see it on big screen!…
25th April, 2017 #RogueWarrior
After seeing the @FunhausTeam playthrough YEARS ago, finally found this atrocity for a "decent" price. Lmao…
24th April, 2017
Lots of really exciting stuff happening over the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned 4 a barrage of all things! #RogueWarrior #TheTimeWar #WJJ
20th April, 2017 #RogueWarrior