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At blockade #Romain-Rolland #ivrysurseine. 6 students in custody for anti macron tagging. Proud of these kids
5th December, 2018 #Romain
Iceburg lettus sucks. Why isn't romaine back on shelves yet? This seems like a pretty basic GIS problem. Have we no…
3rd December, 2018
It's a sick, sick world. Stop the #Romain Lettuce from coming in from @Romania. Who stated that?
30th November, 2018 #Romain
Fresh living Romain! Grown in Canada 🇨🇦 But only a limited amount available... so they won't last long! #yyj
30th November, 2018
@DRUDGE_REPORT Thank you for this headline. Fml Ima just skip lunch. Between #Romain and #FecesMcGate I’m out.
29th November, 2018 #Romain