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For no matter how hard they try, God finds no pleasure with those who are controlled by the flesh. #Romans
1st October, 2018 #Romans
Read #Romans 2:4-8+ Or do you presume upon the riches of his kindness and forbearance and patience? Do you not kn…
1st October, 2018 #Romans
#sciencebookchallenge - 104 "Europe without Greece is like a child without a birth certificate." - Valéry Giscard d…
1st October, 2018
The #Romans called us barbarians and they couldn't control us and our land. But others deceived us with the lies o…
30th September, 2018 #Romans
The Etruscans ruled Rome between 616 and 509 BCE. They were a small group of wealthy landowners. They elected the "…
30th September, 2018
#Romans take ur pizza to the gym guys. Aowa thy ar overweight gape
30th September, 2018 #Romans