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@KrayleighEnt Good. She takes Reginald's mind from what's important. The longer he's kept from her the better. Talk…
25th September, 2017
@KrayleighEnt What do I fackin' care. Talk to Reginald about it tomorrow, he's gone to sniff around that wife of his. #RON
25th September, 2017 #RON
@KrayleighEnt Well that's very fackin' lavely, ain' it. I'll 'av a word with Reg. If he says no then it's your loss…
24th September, 2017
Don't? Dont what? We're sat here, talkin about our future, about the world, and you and her are talkin about avin k…
24th September, 2017
Pregnant? Not whilst we're in business. Don't make me laugh. #RON
24th September, 2017 #RON
09-24 Ron Jans during the Dutch Eredivisie match between FC Groningen and FC Twente Enschede at Noordlease… #ron
24th September, 2017 #ron