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@SUPERCYN @JamesRosenTV @mlong42947 if I get One more tweet re #Rosen, I'll delete my account. lol women LOVE this guy! who knew??
23rd April, 2017 #Rosen
@LisaBatres unfortunately, yes. not one of my most cherished posts now but I sure learned about #Rosen's audience. damn!!
22nd April, 2017 #Rosen
can we please stop the retweets of #Rosen by women. I am properly cowed and promise not to stray again.
22nd April, 2017 #Rosen
@LisaBatres you have No clue what a hornet's nest I've stirred up by an innocent little tweet about #Rosen reporting in the rain in DC geez
22nd April, 2017 #Rosen
There is a theory to how the perfect website design can lead to more revisits! #bbsdigmarket #websitedesign #Rosen
21st April, 2017 #Rosen