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We give a few ideas on why a #starwars #rpg NPC might grow and how to do it in this episode of Tales https://t.co/OVc6EkbH2r
22nd January, 2018 #starwars, #rpg
Hey folks! We’re getting a TON of replies on #Facebook for our #QCorner, “What is your favorite house rule, and why… https://t.co/mOBJMody0r
22nd January, 2018 #Facebook
The script for the #warhammer40k #RogueTrader #rpg review is finished! Gonna record it tonight and edit it between tonight and tomorrow!
22nd January, 2018 #rpg
Gonna #stream some #Talesof Berseria tonight on #RPG Haven after din din. Can't wait, I have really been enjoying t… https://t.co/GwVUyO5qy0
22nd January, 2018 #RPG
We have white floors, we have black floors, we have all kinds of dungeon floors and props to build with! Come on do… https://t.co/nv6fc8667J
22nd January, 2018
Xuan-Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament( Xbox One) AVAILABLE: January 24. And I'm in the running to win a free code… https://t.co/ODYBjIRbdv
22nd January, 2018
What do you do when your players cancel on you last min? Reschedule and start planning a second campaign to run alo… https://t.co/vWPsqMgoRv
22nd January, 2018
@JamesIntrocaso At face-to-face public settings (in-store, game day, or con), where I can meet new people and try n… https://t.co/gtTz06tR0W
22nd January, 2018