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#RS2 New maps: Jungleraid B12 , wat a great map it has become! See this on the POWERBITS GAMETEAM MIXED 60HZ server…
17th October, 2017 #RS2
2 new #RS2 maps! Now the fantastic Deadadnburried & Ancuubridge on Supremacy mode!
16th October, 2017 #RS2
@MrCashtime @tsholo -7even up -keep left, Pass Right the 2tracks ar talking 2me..Tanks 4gud music #RS2
14th October, 2017 #RS2
@MrCashtime been finessing his rap game for a minute now don't get how u wld ever doubt him #RS2 is flawless🙏🙏Thank you and long live
13th October, 2017 #RS2
S/O to the Thuger Thuger Mr @MrCashtime the Game change the Skhanda Gawg🙏🙏 #RS2 baba cant wait to get my self a copy..God Bless You More💃
13th October, 2017 #RS2