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One hour until we get the green light for tonight's multi-class race! Come and see how events unfold! 🇵🇹 Algarve P…
21st January, 2018
Time for some multi-class action! Tonight we're taking the Caterham SP300 and Ginetta G40 GT5 on holiday, in Algarv…
21st January, 2018
What a race! A fantastic effort by all drivers to secure a hard-fought RSR P1, 2 & 3 in their respective splits! Th…
21st January, 2018
All of us worked hard getting the #costumer911rsr to our place! We made him a warm welcome on Tuesday 🤗 #motorsport
21st January, 2018 #motorsport
RACE UPDATE: Mixed emotions in the RSR camp with just over 4 hours to go. A devastating crash earlier on saw the #9
21st January, 2018
So proud of these amazing ACDEC students! #RSR I spy #ISM2018 and @lshsfca17 💙 congratulations!
21st January, 2018 #RSR
RACE UPDATE: 12 hours done and 12 hours to go! All 4 of our cars are sitting in the top 5 of their respective split…
21st January, 2018
The dust has settled and the rFactor 2 6H of Road Atlanta is over. Our car finished P23 in…
21st January, 2018
RACE UPDATE: After a rough start from dead last our rFactor 2 boys have valiantly battled through two stints and so…
20th January, 2018