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What is Sebastian #Rudy acting out behind door number 🔟? 🤔 Guess correctly and you could win an exclusive…
11th December, 2017 #Rudy
@SethAbramson Perhaps you are onto something @SethAbramson, they should make all of these #Trump team testimony’s w…
11th December, 2017 #Trump
Oh. My. Word. Turn up your sound and just listen to these two goons... this is so much fun for them but NOT SO MUCH…
10th December, 2017
@SeanAstin @MackenzieAstin @Dodgers unrelated 2 tweet lol but I just wanted to let you know a friend of mine loves…
10th December, 2017
@ChrisFedor Sashi’s players really laying it on the line for him today! #rudy
10th December, 2017 #rudy
@Stranger_Things Oh wow! Just finished episode 8. Poor Bob🤭 He was a hero and well played by @SeanAstin #Rudy
10th December, 2017 #Rudy