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#rumormill: Crunchy Bunch wants to party late, late, LATE into the night.
5th May, 2018 #rumormill
Interesting new news on the city website before it sent to a dead link and removed. @TheCovertAgent #rumormill
4th May, 2018 #rumormill
Manny “wants to win with this team” a lot like the wizard of oz... pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…
2nd May, 2018
Could you imagine the chemistry between us if I laced my boots up again and teamed with @Thisis_Song to make a run…
1st May, 2018
NLL bringing back the All-Star Game and Buffalo is hosting?? #RumorMill #NLL
30th April, 2018
lmaoff i jus read somewhere bout Jamie bein closeted ... #rumormill Nd it matches my story of th chic I used to wo…
30th April, 2018 #rumormill
For the record: I am still adamantly opposed to charters and I have not taken any campaign money from David Jones. #RumorMill
28th April, 2018
I'm just going to wait for this to be announced by #JasonWitten or the #DallasCowboys. #rumormill
27th April, 2018 #rumormill
As her @Rudimental days cane to an end she featured heavily on their second album #WeTheGeneration with tracks…
27th April, 2018