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@spencer_smith7 Heard Keith Hernandez was close to inking a deal with Mets again also!! #rumormill
18th January, 2018 #rumormill
On tour, would be cool to see. On a future album, potentially cooler. #music #rumormill
18th January, 2018 #rumormill
Brian Gaine says he and Bill Oā€™Brien are ā€œphilosophically alignedā€ #Home #HoustonTexansā€¦
18th January, 2018
@RWPUSA and Trump speaks the truth about the press. They have lied over and over and been caught. They colluded witā€¦
17th January, 2018
Other quarterbacks pass when theyā€™re losing, Tom Brady passes to win #NewEnglandPatriotsā€¦
16th January, 2018
Will Mike Mularkey still be the Titansā€™ head coach ā€œmoving forwardā€? #IndianapolisColtsā€¦
14th January, 2018