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@KurtBusch @StewartHaasRcng @MonsterEnergy Tough break, champ. Put the hammer down, keep it between the lines, and… https://t.co/v1JooTLoUw
19th February, 2018
@Blaney dominate day at Daytona. Unlucky to catch that at the end. Happy to be a Blaney Fan and looking forward to… https://t.co/pK72LQxE4K
19th February, 2018
I wonder if #RyanBlaney wil be slipping out of the back door after this race.. #DAYTONA500
19th February, 2018 #DAYTONA500
I think #ryanblaney just meant to “rattle the cage” of #kurtbusch, maybe a little payback for that bump a few laps… https://t.co/bFpZPlBvw3
19th February, 2018 #kurtbusch