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21st August, 2018 #Saab
@harrym_vids Nowt wrong with a classic are two of mine - #saab 900 2.0 cabriolet and a rare in UK…
20th August, 2018 #saab
Here’s another photo from the in my #Saab 900 16v turbo 4-door on a Brodie-Brittain Racing track day in th…
20th August, 2018 #Saab
Took a look inside the engine of my Saab 900 today. Everything looks very good for a car driven 409 000 km! #saab
20th August, 2018 #saab
Yep, I'm pretty sure this hypnotic and bizarre song is going to be stuck in my head all day now:…
20th August, 2018