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The original graphic novel. There's some argument as to which is first, but I've been enamored with this book since…
26th September, 2018
sabre: a new R package to quantitatively compare how similar regionalizations are to each other #sabre
26th September, 2018 #sabre
Hackettstown has a brand new Fencing studio, and it’s epic! 🤺 Valhalla Fencing Club is open for business and accept…
24th September, 2018
Too much change is not good. Ask the climate. #sabre
24th September, 2018 #sabre
Loved talking to #NSLive about our #SABRE engine and all the cool things you can do when travelling at Mach 5. Watc…
23rd September, 2018 #SABRE
Lost last fight to finish 5-4 down overall. Which is disappointing but still a 400% improvement on last year. And I…
23rd September, 2018