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@realDonaldTrump Take your meds! Get off of Twitter and go work for US, the People, who (#SADLY) elected you! Do yo…
9th October, 2017 #SADLY
#Sadly maybe I care too much maybe I should just go away hurts so much
8th October, 2017 #Sadly
@Ant_Judge @YouthSportTrust Appreciated! Please tweet far and wide as the negative one has got far more likes #sadly ...see you soon
8th October, 2017 #sadly
#Sadly a fourth US soldier has died after an attack in Niger. Trump joked w/the pronunciation of Puerto Rico, is he dumb to fk with this?
8th October, 2017 #Sadly
As Trump's polls plunge, Trump throws out another dead cat - #sadly , the media gobbles up the dead cat..
7th October, 2017 #sadly