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@Abukar_Arman Some brutal Arab regimes' cooperation with Israeli occupation, encourages her to commit even more cri…
21st July, 2017
@sassygayrepub Maybe, u don't trust anyone now a days .It shouldnt be a problem but theirs sickos who turn anything nice into crap #Sadly
21st July, 2017 #Sadly
@MajorPoonia no hindu has d courage to come out of thr home n fight for thr self respect!! Hindu's r d soft Target #sadly 😐
21st July, 2017 #sadly
I asked my mom if she bought tajin. She said no #sadly
21st July, 2017 #sadly
Trump #SADLY has NO idea, apparently, the capacity to understand the LOVE FOR COUNTRY John McCain embodies. AMERICA FIRST? That's JOHN
20th July, 2017 #SADLY