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Happening now → Yolande Daniels on technology, gender and race at #SAIC
10th November, 2017 #SAIC
Other crimes are covered up too as I allege in published thesis. It is not hard to stop a woman alone! #silenced
9th November, 2017
Folding, Fanning, Flying & Forming: @ChiPubSchools 6th graders and @AIAChicago mentors, all women, learning about a…
8th November, 2017
Where is Asia in Asian Art? The Whereabouts of Cultural Content in Art Wednesday, November 8, 12:00–1:00 p.m. Sulli…
8th November, 2017
#SAIC Has Issued Over 10 Million Electronic Business Licenses, Information Center Director Says…
8th November, 2017 #SAIC