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Lido Anthony aka "Lee" #Iacocca has passed away. what a legend he was. He had the vision and foresight which led fo…
4th July, 2019
@NicholasFerroni @DonaldJTrumpJr Thank you very much sir, factual put down and point made #salute #lovingit
4th July, 2019 #salute
@realDonaldTrump, todays #Salute will be the best 4th of July celebration since 1976 in my opinion. Have a great day Mr. President. 🇺🇸
4th July, 2019 #Salute
I love the way president Trump has celebrated American 4th July day 😂😂😂#salute to America
4th July, 2019 #salute
Happy birthday @jahprayzah have many more years you already a legend keep inspiring bro #salute
4th July, 2019 #salute