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Go see @theferrymanplay. Absolutely incredible. In over a decade of being in London - its one of the best West End…
22nd November, 2017
#SamMendes has stepped away from a film adaptation of #Pinocchio. Could he join the running for #Bond25?
22nd November, 2017 #SamMendes
@StudiocanalUK (makers of Paddington films) & #SamMendes are planning to make a live action version of #EnidBlyton
21st November, 2017 #SamMendes
New Puppeteer Needed Director Sam Mendes exits Disney's live action Pinocchio remake. #Pinocchio #SamMendes
19th November, 2017 #SamMendes
What incredible news! Thank you @thestandardarts for this incredible nomination for @theferrymanplay! Huge congratu…
17th November, 2017
The importance of #rehearsal is maybe u want to talk about how the scene's going to be designed, how it's going to…
17th November, 2017
Director Sam Mendes won’t be on board for the @Disney live-action ‘Pinocchio’ movie More details here:…
15th November, 2017