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I wish that @Ferrari will sign him only based on of his skills and results not because of the marketing value of hi…
14th December, 2018
I saw #schumacher trending and thought there would be some news...kani it’s just satafricans🤦🏾‍♀️
14th December, 2018 #schumacher
Yesssss 😂😂👏🏾 #Schumacher made my night by putting #Mziwoxolo in his place. They need to leave him alone 😒 @Mzansimagic #TheQueenMzansi
13th December, 2018 #Schumacher
Good pick from @SchumacherMick! Ferrari has Sauber and pretty much HAAS to run him in to F1 when the time is right.…
13th December, 2018