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David Miscavige is a nutjob by the sounds of it, the pope of Scientology violently beating people up who disagreed #scientology @LeahRemini
16th April, 2017 #scientology
War of the Worlds just started on BBC2. Not really a film anymore, just a normal few days in the life of Tom Crusie. #scientology
16th April, 2017 #scientology
These Scientology videos how could you believe this nonsense, it's genuinely laughable! #scientology #ScientologyTheAftermath
16th April, 2017 #scientology
@gemthetwit @mommysrockbaby @sunsentinello That's really rich coming from you. Go clear a planet will you. Wait tha…
15th April, 2017
@onbbc2now That must have been like life imitating art for Cruise huh? #scientology
15th April, 2017 #scientology