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@SkyNews MyopicPlonkers mired in self-interest need to put up/shut up as #NothingisAgreed until #EverythingisAgreed
21st January, 2018
I’ve got a bunch of new followers after yesterday’s post and I was tagged for a #sds by…
21st January, 2018 #sds
As a long-term user of #SLES and enthusiast for open source solutions, HKU decided to trial SUSE Enterprise Storage…
20th January, 2018
#sds for @shadeo9 @inked_knitter Alas I don't have Snapchat, so here's a throwback to an app my niece used on me to…
20th January, 2018 #sds
@shannbil The worst part is always the wait! Even Florida that normally has some storms in winter is quiet! #SDS
20th January, 2018 #SDS
I LOVE lightning! The worst part about going through and processing images is the reminder that I have another 3.5…
20th January, 2018