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#Sean John Men’s ‘Classic’ Quartz Metal and Alloy Casual Watch, Color:G
29th June, 2017 #Sean
@seanhannity "Constructive Criticism" is Welcome #Ann. Indoctrinated Trump bashing & hate is something else entirely #Sean.
29th June, 2017 #Ann, #Sean
@#Sean Hannity, U do them a favor in showing their hateful attacks in your program! Millions don't want to listen or watch their hateful 😖😫😤
29th June, 2017 #Sean
@#sean Hannity, if would enjoy listen to hateful news Chanel, I would watch them. But can't tolerate their ugly & hateful Souls.Anty 🇺🇸
29th June, 2017 #sean
@#Sean Hannity, U were the only Fox News that was bearable! But since U start showing d scummy media attacking Trump, is👎.stick 2 Fox bus🇱🇷👍
29th June, 2017 #Sean