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Boston Celtics 86 vs Cleveland Cavaliers 116 #Game3 #series2-1 hope @kemiadetiba is having a sleepless night 🤣🤣🤣 we are getting it in game 6
20th May, 2018 #series2
Celtics vs Cavaliers #game3 #series2-1 already! Where are the Celtics?!
20th May, 2018 #series2
Currently watching 13 Reasons Why #Series2🤗
20th May, 2018 #Series2
13 reasons why 2nd series. Probably wasnt a good idea to start watching it so late at night. 2 episodes in and im h…
19th May, 2018
@ohsinnerman You should join The Young Offenders as a wise sage tutoring them in the ways of lock-breaking - but ar…
18th May, 2018