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10 years late but the new addiction to the Doctor-Donna has been revealed #doctorwho #thedoctor #tenthdoctor
8th December, 2019
Finally got te Catayst AirPods case in army green. In limbo if I dig ‘em (had them on my belt loop for less then a…
8th December, 2019
Promises —last time I choose do it overnight, but it didn’t occur, hmmm. Rocking Apple’s Anchor Gray Sport Loop. […
6th December, 2019
Colorful Apple logo photo face, flanked by Apple’s Black Classic Buckle Band. [  ] #Apple #AppleWatch
3rd December, 2019 #Apple, #AppleWatch
Ok guys, I just checked and the printed version is now available online! Barnes and noble and…
3rd December, 2019