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I love #Sheetz just a lil' less now, since they made the Rewards program harder to earn and cut the 99 cent drinks. But still Wawa < Sheetz.
16th October, 2017 #Sheetz
Forget about Pumpkin Spice everything, how about a Pumpkin Pie Milkshake? #Sheetz
16th October, 2017 #Sheetz
In desperate need of a trip to PGH & breakfast from #Sheetz
16th October, 2017 #Sheetz
#Sheetz Grove City, Pa is new nice but the MTO is god awful slow
15th October, 2017 #Sheetz
I found out at 3am last night that #Sheetz has the best chicken wings on the planet. Hands down.
14th October, 2017 #Sheetz
So, does anyone know why the Elysburg Sheetz has a large amount of new security cameras up? #sheetz #cameras
13th October, 2017 #sheetz