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Life is full of change, shift your gears and keep moving forward. -Team LS #ShiftingGears #Country #Music
22nd February, 2019 #ShiftingGears
Have a wonderful day y'all! Pay it forward and wish someone you care about a great day too! Sometimes we don't hear…
21st February, 2019
Like the song "Bluest Eyes In Texas"? You will love my album "Shifting Gears"! Follow the link to my online shop:…
19th February, 2019
Thanks to @shanejhoran from @GoldenPlec for capturing what was a beautiful night in @CoughlansLive last Friday. HUU…
18th February, 2019
Going fast on the right track requires shifting gears. What will you do to get your life where you want to be today…
17th February, 2019
"What's that cowgirl seeeeee in meeeeee?" Can you relate to this song? Let me know in the comments! #Cowgirl
17th February, 2019