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Thinking about my sweet, crazy guardian angel lots! Come to the #ShiftingGears Charity ride next Saturday (you don’…
15th June, 2019 #ShiftingGears
Don't forget to add 'Where The White Line Goes' to your playlist 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 #CountryMusic
11th June, 2019
.... ;)!!!!!! e3 was more Pros than Cons for myself. 2019 was Hype but 2020-2030+ is going to be so interesting,..…
11th June, 2019
Our new installment of 48 Questions is live, featuring colorguard member, Deonte Majors! FULL VIDEO:…
11th June, 2019
If you received a friend request from me..... it’s legit. Thanks #shiftinggears
9th June, 2019 #shiftinggears