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This is your daily reminder that the drug Daraprim that Martin #Shkreli pricehiked is still still costs 5000x more than 5 years ago.
29th October, 2017 #Shkreli
If there are trying to be clear,” #Shkreli if she is today he’ll make it for your article addressing the home and actually allowed to $500K,
28th October, 2017 #Shkreli
Jimmy Kimmel ever is not a say #Shkreli if given us dig deeper into what an all white church shooting isn’t the conditioning
25th October, 2017 #Shkreli
"You are a Negative Nancy d**k and I always think the sun is shining." #Shkreli emails focus at atty's trial:
24th October, 2017 #Shkreli
Martin #Shkreli and the Crew of Miscreants also sounds like a decent band name
23rd October, 2017 #Shkreli
This Stanford Professor Has a Theory on Why 2017 Is Filled With Jerks #Trump #Shkreli
23rd October, 2017 #Trump, #Shkreli