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I’m not interested in being someone else. I’m interested in writing my first book and telling my story. I’m interes…
8th June, 2018
Build and don’t stop building until you see it the way you imagined it in your mind. #SideView
8th June, 2018
Nothing is more beautiful than when a person is being their own unique self. #sideView
7th June, 2018
#Firefox takes browser customization to the next level with today's release of #FirefoxColor and #SideView
6th June, 2018
Do you hear my cries? Do you see my wounds? Do you notice that you’re the reason I need space away you? #sideView
5th June, 2018
I don’t have any dark places within. My light is so bright that I have enough to light the 🌍 #sideView
5th June, 2018
If my words offend you, please pretend that I don’t exist like the other billion people #SideView
4th June, 2018
You can never break a promise and expect for someone to still see you the same way #SideView (my story, my book)
3rd June, 2018