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Words don't describe how happy I am to see @ClassicChrisD back on #SiliconValley Russ will always be the funniest character on the show
29th April, 2017 #SiliconValley
She: Am not a woman engineer, am an engineer. 💕. Frigging Ninja 🔥🔥🔥 #SiliconValley
29th April, 2017 #SiliconValley
My college buddy n best software brain from #SiliconValley Mayank till 2013 mid in touch wid me for startup n spons…
29th April, 2017 #SiliconValley
A scene from the season premiere of #siliconvalley on HBO. My character HOOVER will be on half of the episodes this…
29th April, 2017 #siliconvalley