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Great meeting with @foodfusion2015 yesterday. Looking forward to having a great nutrition plan building up to Tokyo…
18th February, 2018
I still don't believe that #Siv liked my post, she's so amazing with us 😭😍
16th February, 2018 #Siv
OMG #SIV LIKED MY POST ON INSTAGRAM 😭😭😍😍 I love her so much 😭😍
15th February, 2018 #SIV
#SIV: ST Ives PLC's price is -16.5% but the forecast earnings moved 0.0% over the last month. (
15th February, 2018 #SIV
Got stopped out of #KWS in the recent market drop -13% should have left a bit wiggle room from horizontal support.…
14th February, 2018
safe to say # 1 is not going in the rafters #Siv
14th February, 2018 #Siv