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Skittles Scented Candles - 3 oz. - Assortment - Raspberry, Melon Berry, Cherry #Skittles via @eBay
1st September, 2017 #Skittles
Um @Skittles , why on earth did you change the perfection flavor of #tropicalskittles ? I'm heartbroken. They taste horrible now 😭 #skittles
1st September, 2017 #skittles
The way @JohnMayer feels about the marshmallow to oat ratio in Lucky Charms is I how I feel about strawberry 🍓 #Skittles
1st September, 2017 #Skittles
joshy is 18 so this means big time celebration!! Happy day of birth josh, I love u lots titty baby<3 🔞❗️…
1st September, 2017
@fitrocketsci *me on s JPL Tour* Just show me where the secret stash is, Kevin, and nobody gets hurt 0_0 #Oreos #Skittles
1st September, 2017 #Skittles